Innovation Engagement

Innovation is not simple to manage, nor is it simple to implement

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We are committed and responsible to the environment in which we are present

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Change Readiness

Effective change management ensure competitive advantage and reduces risk of failure.

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One bite size

Practical advises to modern innovators.

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Q Tribe

Q tribe is a place where various experiences gather and exchange energy.

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Share your idea!

What challenges attract your attention? Suggest, comment, vote!

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Coaching & Networking

Accelerate the discovery of elegant solutions to complex problems.

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Innovation drives progress

However, it is very difficult to manage and implement effectively. A special form of management is needed to generate the benefits of innovation.

Our hope

It is true that ‘innovation is the exploitation of new ideas’ — but there is more. Innovation begins with hope: a belief that the future can be better than the past.

How we work ?

Innovation and strategy consulting

Q SPACE  helps clients to identify, develop and act on profitable growth opportunities and game-changing business strategies.

We are focused on results

Our innovation programs are not a one size fits all approach. We ask provocative questions. We probe issues and challenge preconceived orthodoxies. Then, with you, we design the right solution..

We help transform through innovation.

Companies that believe innovation is key to creating sustainable success recognize that transformation is needed at the deepest level of the organizational fabric. We know that organizations can and should change into a culture where innovation becomes a part of their DNA.